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About Us

After the preparations of studies and preparations have been the help of God and praise the establishment of the institution to be aspecialist in the field of renewable energy including solar,wind,and all that in order to save energy in an easy ,clean and steady and moving effortlessly and from him.


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Solar street lighting

Use of solar energy for lighting the streets without the need for power without the need for wires and operate

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Solar energy for home use

Clean and renewable energy can be used in asafe house and shapes and different types can run all the agency

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comm towers

Solar energy to communications towers

Can use solar energy to communications towers without the need for electricity anyway .

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Solar for ATM

Can use solar power to run all automatic teller machines in the cab of a computer , air conditioning and lighting , cameras , and any other devices .

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Solar artesian wells

we are ready to provide solar energy in the form of electricity to run pumps wells in the remote areas

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Solar garden

Solar energy can be used for home gardens as well as outdoors eriase and corridors in parks operate these light automatically

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